Undergraduate Courses

– EME2008 Fluid Mechanics I

Basic principles of fluid mechanics : basic concepts, properties of fluid, streamlines and pathlines, fluid statics, control volume approach, continuity equation, momentum equation, energy equation, Bernoulli’s equation, dimensional analysis and similitude, pipe flows, and utility of the fundamental equations in describing various physical situations.

– EME3004 Heat Transfer

This lecture presents an introductory treatment of engineering heat transfer. Background in physics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and ordinary differential equation is assumed. Emphasis is placed on a physical understanding of the process by which heat is transferred and on how to make appropriate assumptions and simplification in real situation to obtain an engineering answer.

– EME3056 Design Lab on Thermo-Fluidics

This course is to gain firm understanding on theories of thermodynamics and fluid dynamics through experiments. It is also to acquire problem-solving skills and creative design capabilities by design practices on thermo-fluidics. The lab consists of experiments on measurement of key properties such as temperature, pressure and velocity. It is applied to fundamental problems of flows, heat transfer and energy topics. Based on the experiments, students derive design problems and carry out design processes using experimental and numerical techniques of thermo-fluidics.

Graduate Courses

– EME4301 Microscale Thermal-Fluid Engineering

Micro thermal system design and manufacturing technologies are important for advanced mechanical engineering base technology and for micro machinery and electronics, optics, and biomedical engineering. Especially, this course focuses on the development of micro power devices, design and manufacturing technology based on the microscale heat fluid flow base technologies.