Hosub Lim

Hosub Lim
Ph.D. Student

Research Topic
Surface tension and its modulation for engineering applications
Microfluidics for Nanoscience applications

Mobile: (+82-10)-9466-1672
Email: lim.hosub.skku at gmail.com


Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), M.S & Ph.D. Combined Course, Mechanical Engineering, 2014-Present
Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), B.S. Course, Mechanical Engineering, 2010-2013


  1. Hosub Lim, Anubhav Triphathi and Jinkee Lee, “Dynamics of a capillary invasion in a closed-end capillary” , Langmuir, 30(31), (2014) 9390-9396 (IF 4.384)
  2. Ali Turab Jafry, Hosub Lim, Seong Il Kang, Ji Won Suk, and Jinkee Lee, “A comparataive study of paper-based microfluidic devices with respect to channel geometry” , Colloids and Surfaces A, 492, (2016) 190-198 (IF 2.108)
  3. Hosub Lim, Ju Young Woo, Doh C. Lee, Jinkee Lee, Sohee Jeong, and Duckjong Kim, “Continuous Purification of Colloidal Quantum Dots in Large-Scale Using Porous Electrodes In Flow Channel”, Scientific Reports, 7, (2017) 43581 (IF 5.228)
  4. Ali Turab Jafry, Hosub Lim, Won-Kee Sung, and Jinkee Lee, “Flexible Time-Temperature Indicator: a Versatile Platform for Laminated Paper-Based Analytical Devices”, Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 21, (2017) 57 (IF 2.537)

Research Experiences

  1. Convergent Research in Green Nano Technology (2014-)
    – Continuous separation along with aspect ratio of quantum dots and purification of quantum dots using electrophoretic microfluidics chip
    – Numerical analysis of electrophoretic flow motion in a microfluidics chip using COMSOL
    – Separation along with length of the silver nano wire 
  2. Development of Leaf-Inspired Powerless Pump and Actuator for Extreme Condition and Ultrafine Control (2014-)
    – Development of leaf-inspired powerless pump using agarose gel
    – Nano scale Performance evaluation of the powerless agarose gel pump using silver nano particles, carbon nano tube, titanium oxide particle, titanium nano tube
    – Analysis of mechanism of the fluid flow inside the agarose gel 
  3. Development of Flexible Time Temperature Indicator (2013-)
    – Development and optimization of paper device by using photolithography and wax printer for the time temperature indicator
    – Optimization of melting point of fatty acid for the paper chip 
  4. Analysis Fluid Motion in Artificial Leaves fabricated by a Wax Printer (2013-2014)
    – Fabrication artificial leaves using wax in the paper
    – Analysis fluid motion in paper device 
  5. The Complex Fluid Invasion in a Closed-end Capillary (2012-2013)
    – Theoretical analysis of the fluid invasion in a closed-end capillary using Matlab
    – Progress experiment of the fluid invasion in a closed-end micro glass capillary


Master & Ph.D. combined courese Scholarship for excellent grades students funded by SKKU (2014-2016)
Brain Korea 21 Scholarship funded by National Research Foundation of Korea (2014-Present)

Awards & Honors

Outstanding Paper Award, Mechanical Engineering conference, Sungkyunkwan University (2016)
Outstanding Paper Award, Korea Society of Visualization, fall Conference, South Korea (2016)
Outstanding Poster Award, Korea Society of Mechanical Engineers, Spring Conference, South Korea (2016)
Outstanding Paper Presentation Award, National Congress on Fluids Engineering (NCFE8), South Korea (2014)
Outstanding Paper Award, Korean Society of Visualization, Sparing Conference, South Korea (2013)
Participation Award, Korea Society of Mechanical Engineers Fluid Mechanics Competition, South Korea (2013)
Grand prize Mechanical Engineering award for Undergraduate research (2013)
COMSOL Multiphysics certificate (basic/electromagnetic RF module) (2012)