Cheonji Lee

Cheonji Lee
Ph.D. Student

Research Topic
Bubble dynamics within electrolytic cell

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Email: dustist at


Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), M.S & Ph.D. Combined Course, Mechanical Engineering, 2015-resent
Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), B.S. Course, Mechanical Engineering and Bio-Mechatronics 2008-2014

Research Experiences

  1. Investigation on performance improvement analysis by surface modification(2014-)
    – Plasma etching and Chemical deposition method to fabricate nano-structure and control wettability
    – Air to vapor heat exchange performance analysis with controlling wettability
    – Analyzing mechanism of moisture on gas sensor and Improving the sensitivity of gas sensor
  2. Development of high concentrated slightly acidic hypochlorous acid water generator (2014-)
    – Optimization of hypochlorous acid concentration changing electrolytic cell structure, current, flow rate and percent of hydrochloric acid
    – Sterilization test to check effectiveness of HOCl

Awards & Honors

2014 Participation Award, Korea Society of Mechanical Engineers Fluid Mechanics Competition, South Korea
2014 Participation Award, Mechanical Engineering award for Undergraduate research