Ryungeun Song

Ryungeun Song
M.S./Ph.D. Combined Student

Research Topic
Interfacial flow & Electrohydrodynamics in micro fluidic system
Hemodyanic flow

Mobile: (+82-10)-9978-2948
Email: fbsrms135 at skku.edu


Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), M.S & Combined Course, Mechanical Engineering, 2016-Present
Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), B.S. Course, Mechanical Engineering, 2010-2015


  1. D. H. Ho, R. Song, Q. Sun, W. H. Park, S. Y. Kim, C. Pang, … J. Lee and J. H. Cho “Crack-Enhanced Microfluidic Stretchable E-Skin Sensor”, ACS applied materials & interfaces, 2017, 9(51), 44678-44686. D. H. Ho and R. Song contributed equally to this work
  2. M. S. Abbasi, R. Song, J. Kim and J. Lee, “Electro-hydrodynamic interface instability of double emulsion droplets under high electric field”, Journal of Electrostatics, 2017, 85: 11-22.
  3. J. Lee, S. Kim, S. M. Kim, R. Song, H. K. Kim, J. S. Park and S. C. Park, “Assessing radiocephalic wrist arteriovenous fistulas of obtuse anastomosis using computational fluid dynamics and clinical application”, Journal of Vascular Access, 2016, 17(6): 512-520.
  4. S. C. Park, R. Song, S. Kim, H. K. Kim, S. H. Kim and J. Lee, “Fabrication of artificial arteriovenous fistula and analysis of flow field and shear stress by using μ-PIV technology”, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 2016, 30(12): 5503-5511.
  5. R. Song and J. Lee, “Hemodynamical analysis by viscosity characteristics of artificial blood for μ-PIV experiment of Radio-cephalic arteriovenous fistula(RC-AVF)”, Journal of the Korean Society of Visualization, 2016, 14(1): 33-39.

Research Experiences

  1. Control the emulsion in electric field (2016-Present)
  2. Simulation & μ-PIV experiment for improving the patency rate of Arteriovenous fistula (2015-Present)
  3. Enhance the performance of car defroster using vortex generator (2016-2017)


Master & Ph.D. combined course Scholarship for excellent grades students funded by SKKU (2016-Present)

Awards & Honors

Awarded the Encouragement Prize for the 24th Samsung Human-Tech Paper Award (2017)

Outstanding Paper Presentation Award Biomedical Engineering Society for Circulation Conference (2017)

Grand prize Mechanical Engineering award for Undergraduate research (2015)