Current Researches

1. Emulsions, microcapsules and microfluidics

Micro-emulsions or micro-capsules are of considerable importance due to their ability to protect and release control amounts of active ingredients in various areas such as food, drug and cosmetic industry, to act as surfactant molecules at water-oil interface, for chemical and biological sensing, bio imaging, magnetic particle imaging and as display materials on electronic papers. Our main objective in this research is to study behavior of emulsions under moderate and strong electric fields, electrohydrodynamic particle manipulation at emulsion interfaces and development of multi-purpose microfluidic device capable of fabricating multi-functional microcapsules.


2. Interfacial flow

One of the most important physics on fluid dynamics is interfacial flow. We investigate various interfacial flow on multi-phase interfaces to understand the physical mechanism such as wetting phenomena, droplet impact, etc. The interfacial flow behavior is observed using high-speed imaging and particle image velocimetry or analyzed based on scaling analysis.


3. Biomimetic fluidic device and actuator

The propose of this research is to develop water transfer solution by nature-inspired technology utilizing the mimicry of the plant. The suggested new technology, the fusion of tree mimicry technologies and microfluidic control, micro patterning/manufacturing technology, multi phase flow and heat/mass transfer will be evaluated for the feasibility and sustainability of water pumping and actuating the system.


4. Biomedical microfluidic devices

Nowadays, the collaboration of biomedical and microfluidics is emphasized in genomics, proteomics, single cell analysis, and lab-on-chip (LOC)/point-of-care (POC) diagnostics. These biomedical microfluidic devices have the advantages of being automated, high throughout, high cost and time efficient, and using fewer samples compared to conventional systems. Therefore, we are conducting research for developing biomedical microfluidic devices such as SELEX (systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment), cell culture device, paper-based detection device and so on.