Previous Researches

1. Paper fluidics for biological and environmental sensors

Paper based sensors are now commercialized to a great extent. Serving in the field of clinical diagnosis from simple blood sugar level and protein testing to a more complex DNA sequencing, all possible on one paper based micro-PAD. Food quality and preservation can now be monitored by temperature-time indicator chips, whereas a more innovative chip can also be designed for environmental monitoring of chemicals and pollution in air and in water.

2. Instrumentation for environmental and energy devices

We developed the instrument for biological, environmental and energy generation and diagnosis using fluid mechanical technologies. Not only microfluidic technology, but also bubble dynamics, heat transfer and mass transfer technologies and knowledge are being developed.

3. Solid-liquid interfacial flow in medium and high Reynolds number flow

We aimed to develop friction-minimized surface in the various flow condition. In first part, we established the physical definition of snow/ice surface and carry out quantitative research as the change of friction coefficient and the thickness of quasi ice/snow surface in environmental alteration. Based on it, we investigated friction mechanism between snow/ice, surface and optimize micro structure and develop friction minimized system. On the other part, with the original technology from first half, we optimized the arrangement of micro structure on blade surface, and produce complete product after developing commercialized process of making micro structure.