10Winter outing - 2015/02/09 to 02/11 img2017-03-2435
19We have been appeared on SKKU official website - 2015 Underg.. img2017-03-2438
8Undergraduate research award from ME_SKKU img2017-03-2428
24The Korean Society of Visualization Conference (2th December.. img2017-03-2435
12The Korean Society of Visualization Conference (1st May, 201.. img2017-03-2431
5The Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers (KSME) Conference.. img2017-03-2426
2The 8th National Congress on Fluid Engineering (2014/8/27~20.. img2017-03-2427
21Soft Matter Summer School 2016 (July 4-14), UNIST, Ulsan img2017-03-2435
23Professor Lee received the SKKU Best Teacher's Award for 201.. img2017-03-2435
3Prof. Lee got promoted to associate professor from Sep. 1st ..2017-03-2424
31Opportunities for graduate study or Postdoctoral research fr..2017-09-1315
22NCFE 2016 (August 10-12), EXCO, Daegu img2017-03-2434
6Lab renovation has been finished. img2017-03-2429
25KSME Conference 2016 (December 14 –16),Kangwon land img2017-03-2448
17KSME Conference 2015 (November 10 -14), ICC, Jeju img2017-03-2432
14KSME Bio Conference Busan 2015 May 21~22 img2017-03-2429
20ISNIT Conference 2016 (January 13-15), ICC, Daejeon img2017-03-2427
28Interview for SKKU Teaching Award img2017-03-2874
27ICSS 2016 (December 10-15), St. Christoph am Arlberg, Austri.. img2017-03-2456