TitleNCFE 2016 (August 10-12), EXCO, Daegu2017-03-24 11:33:10

6 oral presentation


Dynamics of droplet immersed in another immiscible fluid under high electric field

Muhammad Salman Abbasi, Ryungeun Song and  Jinkee Lee


Optimizing analysis of hypochlorous acid production efficiency

Gyuhyeon Han, Cheonji Lee and Jinkee Lee


Development of Flexible Time-Temperature Indicator (FTTI) for Food Quality Control

Ali Turab Jafry, Hosub Lim and Jinkee Lee


Development of leaf inspired micro fluid pump 

Minki Lee, Hosub Lim and Jinkee Lee


μ-PIV analysis of hemodynamics within artificial Arteriovenous fistula

Ryungeun Song, and Jinkee Lee


Experimental Study about Lubricated Friction between Ice and Micro-structured Surface

Sangmyeong Kim, Dohyung Kim and Jinkee Lee


Dohyung Kim won presentation award.. congratulation!!